Ready for Winter 365 Days a Year.
Salting Service, Snow Removal, Dependable People.

At Arctic Snow Removal we stay ahead of any storm. We keep our crews informed and dispatch trucks before ice sets in or the snow starts to build. Our fast response saves time and money for our clients. Arctic Snow Plows and Salting Trucks are on-site before the damage is done; salting, clearing, and saving you the costs of a massive clean up later on. Preventative action and dependable service keep our customers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland safe and satisfied year after year.

We are also members of ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) as well as SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association)

We have over 24 years of experience in snow removal and ice management as well as an educated understanding of the Lower Mainland's unique weather patterns. We work 24/7 and do not leave until each job is complete and the client is satisfied. Our customers never lose sleep when a storm hits. We have 24-hour dispatch and our fleet can handle multiple, large-scale locations during a storm. 

Not only do we show up, we show up when you expect us, fully equipped and working for the duration. We don't leave until your site is salted, clean and safe for vehicles and pedestrians.

This year, ensure your commercial site or business centre is prepared for any weather.
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